Training in VW Wrzesnia with Laser Tracker Leica AT960 software Metrolog X4

From the 5th to the 9th of December, 3Dcontrol company had the pleasure of training the Volkswagen workers from Września in Metrolog X4 software and in handling Laser Trackera Leica Model AT960. The advanced training in measuring the welding equipment and tests, supported by our many years of experience in automotive industry. Many thanks for the trust we’ve been given and for the nice cooperation during the training!





Opening of the new factory VW Crafter.

The new plant of VW Poznan in Bialezyce (near Wrzesnia) was opened on 24th of October 2016. In the plant has been producing the new generation of Volkswagen Crafter. 3D CONTROL spent close to 15 000 hours during the construction of the factory on floor marking(14 500 points), calibration of more than 300 robots and recontroling over 100 stations.

15 miesiecy w Crafterze