3D CONTROL has been set up by people driven by special enthusiasm that makes them treat every client in a special way: with utmost attention to their needs and requirements. We support businesses by offering 3D measurement and scanning services for machinery and equipment used in the automotive, aviation, and defense industry.
Our strength comes mainly from our people: a dynamically growing team of specialists comprised of top engineers and technicians in their fields. Ever since the company was first established in 2010, we have been recognized as leaders in this service sector.


Artur Geneli - prezes

Artur Geneli

Marian Domżalski - członek zarządu

Marian Domżalski
Board Member

Paweł Jasik - członek zarządu

Paweł Jasik
Board Member
Team Leader


Piotr Hławiczka specjalista ds. pomiarów

Piotr Hławiczka
Metrology Specialist

Damian Jaworski - specjalista d/s pomiarów

Damian Jaworski
Metrology Specialist

Michał Neumann - specjalista d/s pomiarów

Michał Neumann
Metrology Specialist

Kaja Geneli - specjalista d/s pomiarów

Kaja Geneli
Metrology Specialist

Jakub Kwaśniewski - specjalista d/s pomiarów

Jakub Kwaśniewski
Metrology Specialist

Sebastian Dziarmaga

Sebastian Dziarmaga
Metrology Specialist

Adam Bandrowski - młodszy pomiarowiec

Adam Bandrowski
Junior Metrology Specialist

Artur Kita - pneumatyk

Artur Kita
Pneumatics Specialist

Arkadiusz Mazurek - pneumatyk

Arkadiusz Mazurek
Pneumatics Specialist

Przemysław Kita -pneumatyk

Przemysław Kita
Pneumatics Specialist

Krzysztof Białasik -pneumatyk

Krzysztof Białasik
Pneumatics Specialist

Marcin Rapcewicz - mechanik

Marcin Rapcewicz

Michał Sadlak - mechanik

Michał Sadlak