3D Measurements

We perform 3D measurements and scanning services for machinery and equipment used in all the industrial sectors:
1. Measurements of machinery and equipment, levelling, machine geometry tests,
2. Measurements of large structures (within a 160m radius from the laser head),
3. Scanning of selected surfaces or entire components and comparing scans to the 3D model
4. Scanning of matrices and prototypes,
5. Reverse Engineering services,
6. Defining floor points for machinery and equipment installation based on lay-outs,
7. Machine repeatability measurements, including robots,
8. Technical consulting.
Every project is accompanied by measurement reports prepared in pdf format. We guarantee full confidentiality and professional technical support.

Electrical Services for Industry

1. Instrument and equipment wiring
2. Installation of cable conduits
3. System services
4. On-site training of customer’s maintenance personnel

Industrial Pneumatics

1. Pneumatic and hydraulic systems
2. Piping for instruments and equipment
3. Off-site fabrication of valve terminals and filter stations

Technical Consulting

1. Machinery and measuring instrument operator training
2. Metrolog XG and PolyWorks software user training
3. Project coordination services